Hi guys! Do you also enjoy those lovely me-time moments with face masks, candles, your favorite series, tea & chocolate? For me those are my favorite moments. It’s definitely a part of my self care ritual to treat myself. And so cool! I just found out about this GOODIEBOX with this month’s theme: Girlboss. To honor all the power women GOODIEBOX put together this box full of beauty products all started by women! And so sweet, since I’m a freelancer/girlboss they sent me one to try!

The products I got this month are really nice. I’m a huge fan of sheet masks, especially Korean sheet masks (I mean, have you seen their skin?!) so that was the first thing I tried when I opened the box. I also love the cruelty free brush from Luxie Beauty. It’s such a nice brush to use for your highlighter! And I also really needed that eye cream from Ilse Jacobsen.  It’s against puffy eyes and aging with anti oxidants and macadamia oil without any parfum.

Is this GOODIEBOX something that you like? You can create your own beauty profile on their website and when you sign up you’ll receive a monthy goodiebox with super nice beauty products with lots of natural ingredients. I really like this concept because it’s so nice to treat yourself once in a while. I also like the fact it’s a surprise every month because you don’t know which products will come to your doormat. Besides, it’s so cool to try so many different and new products you didn’t even know it existed! Plus you can terminate every month, so no strings attached.

What do you think of this monthly box of happiness?!



Advertorial Goodiebox