Yes lovely souls, this is my new absolute favorite smoothie bowl at this moment. It’s SO good. I’ve traveled through Sri Lanka and got inspired to make this new recipe. So, what do you need?

Smoothie base:
✧ 1 cup frozen mango
✧ 1 banana
✧ fresh ginger (I like it really strong, but you can add as much as you like)
✧ curcuma
✧ cinnamon
✧ 1 cup rice milk

✧ gluten free granola (my favorite one is from Eat Natural)
✧ grated coconut
✧ blueberries (or pineapple is really good as well)
✧ chia seeds 
✧ agave sirop (or honey when you’re not vegan)
✧  I also like to add pumkin seeds, but all is optional of course!

You just have to blend everything from the smoothie base until it’s super smooth and delicious, add your toppings and there is your sunshine in a bowl! ☀

X Nathalie