One of my favorite summer recipes at the moment is my vegan poké bowl! It definitely got me addicted! I got a lot of questions about my poké bowl on Instagram, so I thought it would be great to share my recipe here!

What do you need?
✓ sushi rice 
✓ rice vinegar
✓ agave sirop
✓ 1 mango
✓ 1 avocado 
✓ cucumber
✓ grated carrot
✓ sweet corn
✓ pickled ginger & black sesame seeds (optional)
✓ soy sauce
✓ Tempeh (ready-made or you can marinate it yourself)

Tempeh marinade:
✓  ketjap
✓ agave sirop
✓  garlic powder
✓ chili powder
✓  lemon juice

How to make it:
I always start with the sushi rice since this takes the most time. You can follow the instructions on the sushi rice package. When the sushi rice is done I add 5 table spoons of rice vinegar, one table spoon of agave sirop and some salt.

When you have ready-to-eat tempeh you only have to bake it. I love the ready to eat tempeh from AH (here
When you want to marinate your tempeh yourself: cut the tempeh in little pieces and marinate it with ketjap, agave sirop, lemon juice, garlic powder, chilipowder and bake it in coconut oil or another oil of choice.

Meanwhile you cut the cucumber, avocado and mango and you grate the carrot. 

Fill you cups with the sushi rice, add the veggies (cucumber, mango, corn, carrot and avocado), the tempeh, pickled ginger and finish it off with some soy sauce and black sesame seeds. SO GOOD.

Enjoy! x