As many of you know I struggled with a huge B12 deficiency last year. Of course I got my B12 deficiency since I became vegan, but it was only the lack of knowledge that created this deficiency. I had no idea how important vitamin B12 was, so I wasn’t really strict with taking supplements. I started to notice hair loss, tiredness and tingling fingers. Besides that I could be really forgetful sometimes. I’m not a big fan of doctors, so I kept postponing a doctors visit. However at a certain point I lost so much hair that I finally made a doctors appointment. They took blood samples and it turned out I had a B12 deficiency. I had to get 2 injections every week for 5 weeks and after I had to start taking supplements. I felt so sad and so insecure about my hair and because of all the stress and the injections I also got a lot of skin problems. I was looking for the right balance for a healthy body.

I discovered VitaViva, and I had a consult where I explained my situation and she prescribed me the supplements I needed for healthy hair and skin:

• B12
• B8 (Biotin)
• Vitamin C Booster
• D3
• Organic Turmeric
• Selenium
• Magnesium
• Probiotics

Every morning I take my vitamin C Booster to support the immune system and the production of collagen for the skin, cartilage and bones, I take vitamin B8 (Biotin), Biotin is often called “the beauty nutrient” because of the nourishment it delivers to skin, hair and scalp. This member of the B-vitamin complex is a key cofactor of enzymes involved in the fatty acid metabolism, helping to supply cells with energy.

I take Selenium, which is a component of one of the body’s antioxidant, which support the bodys natural defences. I take vitamin D3 and of course vitamin B12.

I also started to take the Organic Turmeric supplements every morning because of all the health benefits of Turmeric. It contains a high concentration of powerful antioxidant organic curcuminoids along with organic pepper, which enhances the absorption of Turmeric in the body and maximizes the health benefits of Turmeric in the system. Much of turmeric’s physiological effects are due to its ability to strengthen and stabilize cell membranes and the resistance towards infection.

Before bed I also take Probiotica and Magnesium, the key to muscle, bone, and heart health, as well as to the proper function of the nervous system.

It took a while for my body to find it’s balance, but now after more then a year I can definitely see that my hair has grown back, my skin got much better and I feel so much more energized. Of course you need a well balanced healthy diet too. I’m usually all for getting everything you need from the food itself, but sometimes in the world we live in it’s hard to get everything you need just from our food. I think it’s good to support your body with supplements so now and then, so your body gets everything it needs. 

Check the pictures below to see the difference in just one year time. It’s insane right? What I’ve learned is to NEVER ignore the signs your body is giving you. Listen to it and make sure you are treating your body the right way with all the love. It’s your home ♥

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