When life is challenging you in all forms it’s really hard to stay positive and to find your flow. I’ve had some setbacks lately which makes it harder for me to keep my head up.. however I do believe with all these things life is trying to tell me something. All that is happening is happening for me, not against me.. life is forcing me to take a step back and to take my rest even though I kinda feel restless.

Do you recognize the feeling when life just does not seem to flow? The only thing you can do is to accept how it’s going right now and trying to understand what kind of lesson it is you need to learn. At this moment in my life it’s more important then ever to take my time to meditate. In stillness I can completely surrender and listen. What is it that I really need right now? I’m using the free mindfulness app from VGZ to remind me of my daily meditation. To be honest it’s not always easy for me to get myself to meditating. Like many of you can relate it’s definitely something you benefit from, but it feels like a big step to do it. This app makes it a lot easier for me since it’s sending me little reminders and it offers a lot of short meditations or mindfulness exercises.

I can really recommend trying several meditations and exercises until you find the practice that suits best for you. I always like to do breathing exercises or bodyscans to get me more present in that moment. It’s really helping me to feel everything I need to feel and to see things more clearly. Sometimes you need to feel the rain to appreciate the sun.

Follow your journey, learn your lessons & be loving and compassionate towards yourself. Notice all the beautiful things that are there, for you. It’s okay not to be okay or not to feel like your strongest self all the time. You don’t have to wear a mask. All is good. Trust your journey & keep rising ✨