Hello lovely world ♡ 
After a lot of requests of filming my morning routine, I’m finally sharing my self love morning routine! 

As I told you guys in my blog about my self care routine for fall/winter (find it here) a good morning routine is so important to start your day right. 

I always like to take the time in the morning. For me it’s a little bit easier to take the time since I’m a freelancer and I’m working from home. However, when I do have to go to meetings early I also set my alarm early enough to make space for my morning routine. 

Now winter is here, the mornings are darker and it can be more challenging to get up early. However I think it’s definitely worth it to invest in a wake up light. This way it feels like you are waking up by the sun light. It’s such a nice way to get up early even though it’s dark outside. It really works for me. This is definitely not sponsored, but I’m just a big fan.

When I wake up I like to take a shower to start the day fresh and clean. When you are able to, try to shower cold the last 5 minutes of your shower. It’s so good for your body and it has so many health benefits! To be honest this is still a goal for me as well, I just can’t get myself to it yet since I’m always cold haha.

I like to brush my teeth with a bamboo brush and a natural toothpaste. This one is with charcoal. It doesn’t contain fluoride which is better for your health. 

When I have some extra time (when it’s a self love morning routine) I like to put on a face mask. I really like to use brands with a lot of natural ingredients like Starskin or Madara.

Before I start my day I’m always writing a list with my goals for that day. It’s a to-do list but I also write down goals as doing yoga and meditation and my intention for that day. I check in with myself and what I need that day. Sometimes it’s more self care and sometimes it’s focussing on my work.

Time for breakfast! I always take the time to make & to eat my breakfast. It’s literally your fuel, your energy, so it’s important to do it right. Feed your body with healthy foods with a lot of nutrients. I like to make a smoothie bowl since it’s an easy & delicious way to eat your fruits & veggies and to add your healthy fats and grains. Find my recipe for my favorite smoothiebowl atm here. I always like to drink green tea in the mornings. Green tea helps you to wake up, has a lot of health benefits and I just really like the taste.

I also take in my daily supplements. I got a consult at VitaViva and they advised me the supplements: Biotin, Selenium, vitamin D3 and Vitamin C, Magnesium, Probiotic and B12. The Magnesium and Probiotics I take at night, the other supplements I take in the morning. After the doctor found out about my B12 deficiency I got 10 injections in 5 weeks, so my B12 is all good now, it’s even a bit high so I don’t take these supplements at the moment, but when you are vegan, you definitely should take your B12!

After my breakfast I take the time for my yoga and meditation. I always make sure I make this a special moment for myself. I light a candle, surround myself with my crystals, burn my sandalwood, turn on my essential oil diffuser (mine is from Geurwolkje) and spray with the spray I got from Rock Your World  (not sponsored, just fan!)

I try to do a daily meditation for at least 5 minutes. Sometimes I search for a guided meditation and sometimes I just like to sit in silence and I set my alarm. Also, the app headspace is a nice app to start with meditating. Would you guys like it when I make videos with guided meditations? Let me know!

After my meditation I’m doing my yoga practice. I often search for a nice online class from Yoga With Adriene (big, big fan of her!!). On her YouTube channel you can find all kinds of yoga classes that fit with your mood. I also have to do my own yoga sequence daily to study for my yoga teacher training, so I add that to my practice every day.

After my yoga I’m so ready for my day!

So this is basically what my self love morning routine looks like. I hope it will inspire you to take some extra time and self love in the mornings for more positive vibes throughout the rest of your day ♡