I think having a morning routine is definitely one of the best things to be more productive during your day. Every morning is a fresh new start and every morning you can set the tone for the rest of your day.

I started to create a morning routine a few years ago. I just finished my study and I decided to trust in my own company, so I would be my own boss. I love love love being my own boss, but sometimes it can be quite challenging to get yourself to work. I needed to create a morning routine to be more productive during the day and I will share my tips with you!

When you wake up it’s super tempting to directly check your phone, I’m definitely still guilty of this sometimes. I would recommend you to try to stay of your whatsapp and social media until after breakfast. When I wake up I mindfully clean my face with my favorite products. This way I already feel fresh and awake. After my skin care routine I make myself some tea and I light some incense and candles. I make it a special moment for myself every morning. This way it’s also a lot easier to get your ass on the yoga mat or pillow for your daily meditation and/or yoga.

I always start of with my meditation. I use the free Mindfulness App from VGZ because they have a lot of different meditation or mindfulness exercises. I still like to do guided meditations since it’s easier to keep my focus. Also, it doesn’t have to be a 30 min meditation. I always thought I had to meditate for at least a half an hour to do it ‘right’. However I think 5 minutes every morning is already enough to just be more present. To get back into your own body and to be aware of how you’re feeling today. So don’t be to hard on yourself and most importantly: make it doable for yourself. My favorite morning meditations before yoga from the VGZ Mindfulness app are the short bodyscans, the visualisation meditation or just a short guided meditation. For me these are the perfect kind of meditations to get more present in the moment, to be aware of what’s going on the inside and to get in tune with my breathing. It helps me to feel more present during my yoga practice as well and it helps me to still my mind.

After my meditation I aways do yoga. I do a 20-30 min practice every day but also with this: do what feels good for you. Maybe you can start with a 10 minute practice. When it’s starting to feel like a solid part of your routine, you can always decide to longer the practice.

Every morning I write down my to-do list and the goals of that day. I also write down everything that came to my mind during my meditation and yoga. I take about 10 minutes to write everything down so I get a clearer view on my day, plus it’s out of my head I can literally see it on paper.

After my workout I’m always super hungry, so I take the time to make my favorite breakfast. At the moment my favorite breakfast is my sunshine bowl. It’s a super healthy plantbased breakfast with lots of vitamins and it’s super easy to make. Check the recipe here <<<

I always drink green tea with my breakfast too which is definitely more energizing than coffee!

After breakfast I feel totally energized and ready to start my day!

Curious about my self love morning routine video? Check: