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This year hasn’t been the easiest year for me so far. A lot of things happened and I’ve noticed I really needed some peace and quiet to get everything sorted for myself. I felt so stressed and I was so hard on myself. Everything I did had to be perfect. In my head there was a constant voice that said I have to do better. I have to eat better, I have to work out more, I have to get better at yoga, my skin has to improve, I have to be the best girlfriend, I have to make better pictures, I have to work harder and oh, I have to enjoy life and live in the moment. How exhausting is that?! I just needed to get away from it all. Let it all go.

Together with my boyfriend I’ve booked a week at Dreamsea. A week surrounded by nature, the ocean, nice people and good vibes. I also decided to take some time off of Instagram. I didn’t post and I didn’t check my feed. I really needed to reconnect with myself and I allowed myself to get this week off. I really can’t describe how good this felt. This was the first week in months that I’ve actually felt present in the moment, that I’ve actually laughed so hard that my stomach hurt. I’ve met a couple of wonderful people, people that start to feel as family. I allowed myself to enjoy every moment. I didn’t have to do anything I didn’t want to do. And I did everything that I felt like doing, so I drank red wine every night and skipped yoga for a week (which I definitely miss now). I shared my biggest dreams and we are definitely going to work on a plan to make it happen.

After this week everything got so clear, I really want to keep this mindset. For me it become clear that I need these things to feel most balanced:


  • Nature
  • Activity/workout
  • Social environment
  • Deep conversations
  • The beach
  • Warm weather & sunshine
  • Being together with my love


I want to build a life where I can have all that. So actually for me this week was kind of a life changing moment. Everything is so clear and I really feel empowered by myself. I feel so connected to myself which makes it so much easier to believe in myself. And I think these things are so important when you want to accomplish something. I’m reading the book Law Of Attraction and the book Moonology and both books are all about manifesting your wishes and dreams at the right moments and I’m actually trying to implement this in my daily life.

I think it’s so special that just one week like this can make such a big difference.. I’ve been talking with a lot of people and so many beautiful souls are struggling with so many things. How beautiful is it that you all come together at one beautiful place to connect, inspire, share and love. I feel so energized, wauw.

I just had to share this story. Everything on social media always seems so perfect, but I know so many people are struggling. Know you are not alone. Reconnect with yourself, find what it is that you really want in your life. Manifest. Dream. And just make it happen ❤︎ 


Below I’m sharing some shots of this amazing experience.

PS: The bikini’s I’m wearing are from eBay & the swimsuit is from Hunkemöller.


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