Hi Guys!

After Dreamsea Portugal and Dreamsea France it was time for Dreamsea Nicaragua!

I think the best times of my life were at Dreamsea. A place where life is all about the beach, surfing, nature, sunshine and living fully in the moment, happy and free. The first trip to Dreamsea felt like home, I found myself, and each time I get back to Dreamsea it feels like coming home for me.

But wow, Dreamsea Nicaragua was next level. The place is more beautiful then ever. Beautiful cabins, a fancy menu, a nice pool and wow, the beaches are epic! We were supposed to stay for just one week, but we loved it so much we decided to stay for an extra week.

In this trip I had to overcome some fears to be honest. The waves in Nicaragua can be super big and aggressive and since I’m super scared of the ocean (yes I am scared, being in the water freaks me out, but I love surfing too much!) this can be very frightening. Luckily we got the best teachers at Dreamsea and they really helped me to get over my fears and get out with them. There I was in the back of the ocean, riding the big waves. Yes, the big waves! They even told me that someone yelled to them “Eyy what is that small chica doing on the big wave?!” one responded “Naahhh the wave is not that big, she is just really small” Hahaha. Well, it was big enough for me! I made a lot of progressions during these 2 weeks which obviously is super cool. For me that wasn’t the main goal, but I have to say it feels awesome!

Also at all the different Dreamsea Surf camps I got to know so many wonderful people from all over the world. And yet this time again I’ve met such nice people, it feels like you’re a little family over there. You really make friends for life.

At Dreamsea you mainly spend your days surfing. Every day there are surf lessons (except Sundays, but then you are free to use the surfboards and try for yourself)  with a theory class before you go into the water. Like I said before the teachers are really nice and they really help you to get better every day.

My favorite bikini this trip was the black one from Hunkemöller (I’m wearing it on the first pic). With surfing I was wearing a short wetsuit from B Active, which was the best! the water in Nicaragua is surprisingly cold so I was very happy I brought a wetsuit to this trip!

Next to surfing there are yoga classes and several activities like parties, bonfires at the beach, workshops etc. but it’s also nice to just chill at the pool and relax. You could also go to San Juan, a small town with a lot of bars and cute surf shops.

Breakfast and dinner is included with your stay at Dreamsea. In Nicaragua it’s quite challenging when you have allergies, since they really don’t understand how serious this can be. So if you are planning to go to Dreamsea and you have allergies, check with them before every meal. Even though I already informed them before my booking and at the first day, I still had to ask them every day. But over all the food is super nice, especially the smoothies were my favorite!

Do you want to see what a day at Dreamsea Nicaragua looks like? Check the photos and the video from Jeremy below!

x nathalie


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dreamsea dance

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