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I always find it hard to pack for a backpacking trip. You are going for a longer period but you don’t want to bring too much since you have to carry it around all the time. I’ve been on a few backpacking trips and I’ve learned a few things. Of course everyone is different so maybe it suits you better to bring less or more. I really like to feel comfortable in my clothes so I have to make sure I only bring clothes I feel comfortable and pretty in. I remember when I went to Bali that I made such stupid outfit choices because even though it looked cute, I didn’t want to wear it because I didn’t feel comfortable in it. This time I choose to pack wisely with basic things like my all time favourite Levi’s shorts which suits with everything and with some different tops so I can change my outfit from time to time. I really got sick of wearing the same thing every day on my last trip. This time I’ve got a bigger backpack, a new one from Fjalraven. I got it from ‘Duifhuizen Tassen en Koffers and I’m so happy with this backpack! It’s a green coloured one so you won’t see stains that easily. It’s also a very firm bag with a lot of space.

What I always seem to forget is that no matter where I am, I always manage to get cold. Yes, even on tropical destinations. I need to bring a pair of long trousers and a sweater for the colder evenings, just to be sure.

When I’m at home I use so many beauty products for my skin and hair, but when I’m backpacking I just can’t bring everything. I always bring a shampoo & conditioner bar from Lush, it’s super easy to pack and you can use it for a very long time. I always clean my face with natural oil, almond oil is my favorite and I also use this as my daily face ‘cream’. This time I’m also bringing my make up because I didn’t in Bali and I missed it so much! Even though I’m not wearing a lot of make up, still there are some nights you just want to dress up and it’s nice to have some make up to feel extra pretty. I also use the sunscreen from Lush. It’’s quite natural and it really works for me. Even though it’s SPH 6, I never burn. It’s the one with sesame oil and you can use it as sunscreen, but also as an aftersun, super handy! Plus, it helps you tan quicker.


Packing list 3 weeks Nicaragua:

packinglist nicaragua