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Hi guys! It has been a while , but Instagram simply can’t cover this one! As you might have seen on my Instagram I was on a very long trip through Bali and discovered many beautiful places. I’m also going to make a Bali travel guide later, but first I wanted to share the best place to stay in Canggu; The Chillhouse.

The Chillhouse is located in Canggu (I think this is the best place in Bali) and calls itself a surf- and yogaretreat. When I first arrived at The Chillhouse I immediately saw this place was magical. The staff was super friendly and we felt very welcome from the moment we walked in.

It’s a green paradise with cute little houses for all the guests, two(!) pools, a chilling area, dining area, a pretty yoga place and massage rooms. I really loved all the cool walls with nice quotes!

We stayed at the Gerry Lopez room, which is basically a whole house with a beautiful outside bathroom and a bedroom upstairs with the best view ever. We also had a huge balcony where we could relax and watch the sunrise and sunset.

the chillhouse 1


The Chillhouse wasn’t just a beautiful place, it’s also the place to meet new people. What I really liked were the huge tables to share with other people and the fact we had dinner all together (breakfast and dinner is included with your stay!). This way you will end up talking with everyone at your table and make friends to hang out with during the rest of your stay.

We had some really special nights where we made new friends from all over the world and we talked with them for hours!

By the way, the food there is amazing! I’m eating vegan and glutenfree and that was no problem at all! We could choose breakfast from the menu with a lot of yummy smoothie bowls which are my favorites. Every night there’s a different dinner and it all was very good! There were always vegan and glutenfree options, which were very very nice. The first night I even got a vegan burger on glutenfree bread and it was delicious!

We also took a surfing class, several yoga classes and a massage. It doesn’t really matter if you are a beginner or an advanced beginner or a good surfer, there are all kinds of classes and every day you can find a different schedule for all levels and sign up for the next day, depending on the tides. We also liked the yoga classes, especially because of the beautiful yoga area. There were some great teachers from all over the world which were all very kind and friendly. My boyfriend was a beginning yogi and even though it could be quite challenging for him, he really liked it as well.


the chillhouse2


We stayed at The Chillhouse for one week and we were so sad to leave! We really felt at home and we really wanted to stay. Next time in Bali we will be coming back to The Chillhouse for sure!


Thanks for everything guys, love you all!


Check my video for a little impression of our experience!